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Interview til TRT World: "Denmark’s left wins election by adopting right-wing rhetoric"

Opdateret: 12. feb. 2021

Publiceret 6. Jun 2020 i TRT World

Vores researchudvalgsleder Amani Hasani udtaler sig omkring folketingsvalget 2019. Her er uddrag fra artiklen:

As Denmark struggles to deal with an increasingly ageing population and with its welfare system facing austerity, immigrants have been scapegoated as adding to the problem.

The left-leaning Social Democratic party presented immigrants as a threat to the welfare system. Whereas Muslim communities were portrayed as a threat to Denmark’s liberal values by the left, for the right, they were presented as a threat to traditional Danish identity.

“What we see in this election is that the Social Democrats have been able to do exactly what the Danish People's Party have been doing to gain popularity, they've focused on restrictive immigration policies simultaneously with Danish welfare,” said Hassani.

Læs hele artiklen her:

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