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"Ghettoloven" hørt i USA

Opdateret: 12. feb. 2021

Publiceret 15. aug. 2020 i

Vores researchudvalgsleder har givet et interview til NPR om Ghettoloven. Læs et uddrag her:

"We're not looking at public housing in ... mainly white, working-class communities," she says.

"We're looking at Mjølnerparken, that's a bike ride away from central Copenhagen. Why," she asks sardonically, "are these immigrants and refugees allowed to hold such valuable real estate?"

Hassani says that in Denmark, discussions about immigration and integration are deeply entangled with nationalism and the idea of protecting "Danishness."

"But what is this Danishness?" she says. "It's very vague, and no one can really define it. But we definitely know what it's not. And that's non-Western immigrants and their descendants."

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